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Screenshot Competition


Hey everyone!


As you're perhaps aware, around 6 months ago I posted Episode 1 of OwlV's Video Guide, and little did you know from the title, Episodes 2 and 3 are coming very soon. However, to produce the best possible content I need your help!


Competition Time! The challenge here is simple, we want screenshots that showcase your favourite server feature(s) and capture in such a way that they will look good montaged together with other submissions. I will be editing these entries into a montage or multiple, to use in one of the videos where I talk about server features. Your entry does not need to be unique, so lots of people can cover the same feature, such as Store Robberies or Weed Growing. Depending on the amount of entries I will do my best to use all of them, but I make no guarantees. Entries must be received no later than Saturday 3rd April at Midday (Server Time). Submit your entry on this thread, or if for some reason you'd prefer to keep it private, feel free to DM it to me instead. Multiple entries are welcome from each person, but please be reasonable, I don't want to end up with hundreds of screenshots to try to use.


I can also confirm there will be prizes! These will be issued as per the below list:

First Place - $5 of GameCoins and 1 month of Discord Nitro!

Second & Third Place - 1 month each of Discord Nitro Classic!

Grand Theft Auto V


Experience a world with lore that is changed by player actions. Shape the future of San Andreas with gothem-like crime, or the tight clutches of law.

Reinvented San Andreas

Experience the sprawling San Andreas map, over twice the size of the original. Explore the big city or enjoy solitude in the countryside.

Frequent Updates

The active development community around GTAV means you get updates fast and without a worry as you are automatically updated upon entering the server.

Existing Accounts

Your existing OwlGaming account works across all games, keeping you connected effortlessly. All premium currency is shared across all our games.

Text-Based Roleplay

Detailed roleplay by text with certain factions using mic means the best of both worlds. Keep the kids off the mic and become immersed.

Just Point & Click

Emphasis on User Interfaces over generic commands means less scratching your head trying to remember the right command, and more direct input.

How to play

Make sure you meet the System Requirements and own the game.

  • Download and Install RAGE Multiplayer
  • Search for OwlGaming in the server browser or connect directly to
  • Create an account in game and pass the application!

An account can be shared across any OwlGaming games as well as the website.

Having issues? See our Troubleshooting Guide and Beginner Tutorial.